100 Prison Tattoos 

MariaBrice SapphoCatherin

Série patriarcale- White
see trailer below. more coming soon
Série patriarcale- Black
see trailer below, more coming soon
Développer l'enveloppe
"Développer l'enveloppe is a performance for Laurent Estoppey, designed for the release event of Envelop/p/e in Lausanne, Switzerland, in June 2019. Laurent will publish all the texts and the pictures that have been realised by the participants".(BriceCatherin.org)

for a slideshow of the audience response, see below, and for the performance click the link
envelop/p/e #2
featuring 14 artists from the USA, UK and Switzerland
Images, poems, texts, music scores, a fanzine, a CD, a DVD, and three original artworks by Leigh Ann Hallberg, Chris Vitiello and Mariabrice Sapphocatherin
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