After The End, by Dennis Kelly

“...the world has gone fucking insane…”


It finally happened. Louise wakes up to find her world flipped on it’s head by a nuclear explosion. Luckily Mark, an old work friend, has saved her. Sharing his nuclear fallout shelter they seek refuge together, but the danger is far from over. Dennis Kelly’s masterful and socially charged piece is a thought provoking insight to the lengths people will go to to survive. This inter-disciplinary collaboration from the acting and music department delivers a drama that is a poignant comment on the current political climate, with live piano performance with works by composers that also strived to reflect this twilight of our times.


Director- Terence Rae
Louise- Isla Kate Hannigan
Mark- Ben Chinapen
Stage design- Jennifer Logan
Music and sound-design- Maria Sappho



Karlheinz Stockhausen-“Tierkreis-, Aquarius”

Arvo Part-“Fur Alina”

Leos Janacek-“On an Overgrown Path”-” Good Night”

Henry Cowell-“Aeolian Harp”

Phillip Glass-“Metamorphosis 1” “Metamorphosis 2” “Etude no. 5”

John Cage- “And the Earth shall bear again” (prepared piano )“A Room” (prepared piano) “A Dream” “She is asleep” (prepared piano and voice)

Cornelius Cardew- “Unintended piano music”

Robert Schumann- “Der Dichter Spricht” from “Kinderszenen”

Bella Bartok- Mikrokosmos, Vol 2, 58, “In Oriental Style”

Other music to be added by chance-

John Cage-“And What about?”

Earl Brown-“4 systems”

Cornelius Cardew-“Memories of you”