in the Bell

with Emma, Annie, Bethany, Kate and Maria

In the bell is an audio visual intersectional exploration. Through verbatim stories the group explore issues around gender, identity and sexuality. 

Close to retirement transwoman Bethany is finally re-joining with the aspects of her personal life already apparent to her pre-puberty, and the consequence is her transformation into a new way of living. She reflects on her career which took place in the most male-dominated arenas: RAF, commercial diver in the North Sea, and her own engineering consultancy within the Oil, Gas & Nuclear Power Industries.

39-year-old Annie ‘finally’ shaves off her beard, initially acting as a shield against transphobia and allowing her some limited privilege of the patriarchy. In the already sensitive and judgmental society we live in, COVID-19 now only further forces her to feel more exposed in public.

30-year old Emma: describes the existential sadness she felt when her voice broke in puberty. Whereupon she abandoned her passion for singing, and avoided social interaction as even speaking caused her immense emotional pain. Now after more than 10 years she is undergoing her transition and starting to sing again.