Postcards in Attention 

Postcards in Attention is a set of notations designed to provoke cognitive demand by removing or focusing basic components in task mastery. The performer wears electrodermal sensors, placed to measure psychophysiological changes during the interaction with the notational tasks. The work looks to understand how improvisation, memory, vision, and movement are effected by the role of the notate-er, often called the composer. Questioning the demand notations have on bodily, cognitive, and eventual performative decisions of players. Bioelectric equipment provided by Mindfield Biosystems.

Notation- Maria Sappho

Bioelectric- Claire Ruckert

Premiered by Serge Vuille, Percussion. Saint Pauls, Huddersfield University.

21st January 2019

Postcards in Attention - Premiered- Serge Vuille, Huddersfield University
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