Subverting by Not Subverting

Subverting by not subverting is an open proposition. It is a way we might reconsider the lens we use to look at free improvisation history and practice. This article is non-linear in form, which experiments with alternate ways of presenting and thinking about research. Through a collection of short articles, a larger picture is drawn about free improvisational practices and voices which are operating outside of the traditional radical representation of the canon. I look to further critical thinking about freely improvised art by noticing bias in our ‘normative’ Eurological perspective. We do this by uncovering the product of the subverting/subverted binary towards uncanoning new histories and future traditions. As a jumping off point I ask us to move from independently considering bodies, objects, contexts, and spaces, to listen
to them collectively with no distinct definable edges. By considering many agents at play in free improvisation practice, we look through a lens of drifting socio-political, experiential and individual freedoms. We consider how these factors are at once all at play and always in flux: in drift.


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