Traces, Marks, and Networks 

Hi Improviser!

I am looking for things which you find important to your practice. 

I am interested in collecting, and sharing, the diversity in the way that  improvisers communicate, organise and work. Would you be willing to share your thoughts with me? This would directly support my work in documenting the practices of improvisers today. 

For more information on my work-

I am a PhD researcher at Huddersfield University. I am apart of an ERC funded project called IRiMaS (Interactive research n music as sound) . For more on this go HERE. We are developing interactive software which aids in looking at things like free improv!

My research is in uncovering the hidden networks and roots of improvsiational communities around the world. I like to think of this like the network which mushrooms use to talk with each-other and with other plants underground. 

What would you share in this network? Option can include (but are not limited too)- recordings, interviews, personal pontifications and writings, scores and prompts, email conversations, questions, worries, and much more! 

The stuff you send me, will be carefully organised and arranged into the interactive software which will be the result of my PhD. The hope is that I will not only present the work of those in my case studies, but also show how vast, ever-changing  and unending the connections between performers, ideas, practices, and people really is. The point of the research is to be as non-linear as possible, because music doesn't work that way! Your contributions will create living examples for all the bi-roads, cross-roads, webs, and synapses that exist in our community. 

I have put an upload link over there -------> but if this doesnt work for you, or you have a large or unique submission, or just dont want to use that upload link, please feel free to also email me directly at


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