Zoe KatsilerouEilon MorrisPenny Chivas and Nicolette Macleod  started working together as a group in autumn 2017. Since then they have performed at For Fika’s Sake, the CCA and have  been commissioned to perform and facilitate workshops for the central and west integration network for International  Women’s Day.

Iceberg is committed to highlighting improvisation as an  exciting, dynamic and high skilled form. We want to create a monthly curated improvisation performance space and in the long term a  peer to peer workshop environment were multidisciplinary artists whether; early stage practitioners, students and  professional practitioners can work together. Creating a professional, encouraging and supportive environment space for  new working relationships that will feedback into the ecosystem of Glasgows art and performance scene.

The Iceberg image is used under the CC licence thanks to Fiona Paton.

Zoe Katsilerou is a movement and voice artist who works with theatre companies and institutions across Europe. She is an associate artist with DUENDE, Suramedura and a collaborator with SBC Theatre. Zoe’s practice focuses on the relationship between movement and language and her work includes movement, language, storytelling, sound design, improvisation and often installation.

Since 2010, Zoe has collaborated with a variety of companies and artists including SBC Theatre, Third Angel, Alexis Teplin and NoVan Theatre Group, and has taught at theatres and institutions including the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, University of Glasgow, The Bunbanter Theatre, Centre for Contemporary Arts in Glasgow, Stagecoach, Oldham University.

Eilon Morris is a performance practitioner, percussionists and scholar. A core member of DUENDE and OBRA Theatre Co, he is also the author of Rhythm in Acting and Performance (Methuen 2017) and completed a PhD at Huddersfield University in 2013.  Eilon is currently working on a production in the UK with the Royal Shakespeare Company, and has previously worked with IOU Theatre Company (UK), Quiddity Theatre and Butterfly Club Pocket Theatre (Australia). Eilon has taught rhythm and musicality classes at Duende School over the last three years, and has also taught at institutions including Central School of Speech and Drama (UK), Universidad Nacional de las Artes (Argentina) and Au Brana Cultural Centre (France).

Originally from Australia, Penny Chivas moved to Glasgow in 2010. A co-founding director of @TheGlasgowJam with Tom Pritchard, Penny has provided platforms for the growth of Contact Improvisation, alongside her teaching. She is also a freelance performer working with Ian Spink, Plan B, Scottish Opera, Lyra Theatre, Rosina Bonsu, Caroline Bowditch and Stillmotion including international touring.

Her interest in improvisation has led to study with Julyen Hamilton on numerous occasions. Her teaching work includes; Royal Conservatoire of Scotland -Juniors and university programmes, London Contact Improvisation (LCI), Dance House Glasgow and international guest teaching.

Penny graduated from the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA), and Victorian College of the Arts (VCA)

Nicolette Macleod is a singer-songwriter, live sound artist and physical performer based in Glasgow. She has been performing professionally for over ten years starting in  England and moving to Glasgow to Musical Theatre at the RCS. She writes live sound scores for theatre, dance and also  works as a workshop facilitator in a broad range of community and professional settings. She was a finalist at the Loop Station Championship in London where she performed an original song that later won her a recording  session at The Roundhouse EMI studio.

Nicolette has supported and sung alongside The Leisure Society, The Irrepressibles and Karine Polwart. Her vocals have been used on a number of films and in a pop setting for albums receiving prime time  radio play on BBC2 and BBC6. She is currently at the beginning of a two year project with dance artist and choreographer Saffy Setohy.