Cage+ Electric Ballet 

Maria Sappho- Director, Pianist

Katherine Oswell- Director. ,Singer, Dancer

Jennifer Logan- Set and props design

Alex Mackay- Projection mapping, sound engineer

Supported by the Bridge Week Fund

An immersive theatre experience commemorating the collaborative achievements of John Cage. Presented with various works by Cage for prepared piano, voice, and dance. Supported by references to his collaboration with  Marcel DuChamp, David Tudor, and various dancers including Martha Graham and Merce Cunningham.

Multimedia realisation including elements of dance and video.

Using the template created by John Cage for creating theatre work as seen in ____,____ ____ circus on ____ the performance used the following works:


____,____ ____ circus on ____

In the name of the Holocaust

The Perilous Night

A Valentine out of Season

The Wonderful Widow of Eighteen Springs

Nowth Upon Nacht

Concert for Piano and Aria