Sitck N' Poke, Series 

MariaBrice SapphoCatherin

Series of cards hand poked with Stick N' Poke needle on pencil made with friends and strangers

Questions from kids
Why do you have so much skin on top of your head?
Questions from kids
how does it feel to not be a kid anymore
Questions from kids
what is the world made of?
Questions from kids
what makes your life so interesting?
Questions from kids
why are kids not adults and adults not k
Série patriarcale- White
see trailer below. more coming soon
Série patriarcale- Black
see trailer below, more coming soon
envelop/p/e #2
featuring 14 artists from the USA, UK and Switzerland
Images, poems, texts, music scores, a fanzine, a CD, a DVD, and three original artworks by Leigh Ann Hallberg, Chris Vitiello and Mariabrice Sapphocatherin
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