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Zorya + Brice Catherin

1. Hypatia of Alexandria

2. Murasaki Kishikibu

3. Aspasia of Miletus

4. Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz

5. Wu Chengzhen


Zorya is a duo with Katie Oswell and Maria Sappho who came to Huddersfield to premiere their Mushroom Opera at the monthly Noisebringers improvisation series. The day after this Zorya met with Brice Catherin to record some sounds. Recorded on December 17th 2019 in St. Paul’s Church, hear us sing, play zither, gong, celeste, piano, flutes, a christmas tree, organ, and tubular bells. 


Who did what-

Recorded and mixed by Brice Catherin - Huddersfield 2019 

Album Art- Maria Sappho