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Field companions guide to the mushrooms of Hur earth.

images on this page are selected pages from the full book, which is still looking for a publisher. Please contact Maria if you wish to use or reproduce in any way. 

Welcome to the definitive collection of the collated fungal species of Hur earth. Found and investigated by Kapphic monkesses between the periods of 12BN and 2025AN. This fungal work is a foretelling of the great mush togetherness. A period foretold in the history of Kapphic lore said to have been past down through the mycorrhizal network directly from the yeast of Hur. The Great Mush Togetherness tells of when the mycelium, from all across Hur Earth will come together on one mountain top to make a single fruiting body. In the foretelling of this great moment, the legend tells that the time when this great unification will happen, is always tomorrow.

The definitive collective which we (whoever we are) present here is a copy of the most famous version of the Field Guide, found within the catacombs of 22 west. This version is said to have been owned by Kappho hurself, and the field guide notes written in hur own hand are the notorious sources for the The Mush of Changes, the oldest divination oracle on Hur earth, which is often used in companionship with the cards of Hur Mush, which have variously been used for both improvisational artistic performances and the reading of hexagrams from the Mush of Chnages. The 35 field notes and 39 mushroom sketches from these presumed notes of Kappho which are said to have influenced such critical works are visible for the first time in their original form here.

Chimere, Kappho and Maria Sappho

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