Personal Interests 

I have many colourful opinions which you might wish to get out of me one night at the pub.

I believe that mushrooms are sacred and the prophets of our futures and that living is made in a multiplicity of collaborations. 

In my spare time I co-edit the online discursive arts magazine the-Mass, and help out with the Mopomoso improvisation TV series. 

I have a cat named Brutus and my piano’s name is Galina. 


Maria began was once, not too long ago, a classical pianist, studying at Laguardia Highschool  often known for it's representation in the 'Fame' movies. She then moved to the UK to study at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, where she gained both her Undergraduate (hon. first class) and Masters degree. She is now a PhD candidate at Huddersfield University under the ERC funded project IRiMaS .

Maria has won several awards including the Governors Recital Prize, the New Piano Stars competition, the Dewar Awards, and the Daphne Oram Awards. 

Education and Awards

Maria Sappho is a Puerto Rican American, originally from Brooklyn, NY currently working as an improviser, artist and researcher in the UK. Her work is highly theatrical, involving strong feminist, posthumanist, and absurd narratives. She is a member of the Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra (GIO) and founding member of the Noisebringers ensemble (CH/UK). She is a winner of the  Daphne Oram award (2021), Dewar awards (2018) and New Piano Stars Competition (2015). She has worked with a number of large ensembles; International Contemporary Ensemble (US), BBC Scottish symphony orchestra, Australian Art Orchestra, and the Instant Composers Pool (ND). She works internationally at festivals: HCMF, Museum of New and Old Art (AU) Edinburgh Fringe Festival, AiiA (CH), and displays her work at galleries around the world: Cupola (UK) Sunny Bank Mills (UK),DAI hall (UK),MOA (IT),NGallery(GR)  Analix Forever (CH) GOMA (UK). Maria is a doctoral candidate at Huddersfield University, on the European Research Council project IRiMaS where she continues her work in advocating/platforming artists via her Feminist Free Improvisation Archive, (for women and non-binary artists), curating for Mopomoso TV (oldest running free improvisation series in the UK) and co-editing the monthly political arts magazine the Mass.



  •   Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra 

  •   Zorya i duo with the soprano and sound artist Katie Oswell

  •  BaVa is a electronic visual art duo with Rebecca Gibson, the group usually work and gain inspiration from dancers. 

  • KUI with composer, pianist and artist Henry McPherson. 

  • Tonotopy acollaboration on image to sound with visual artist Gino Ballantyne. 

  • Maria's academic collaborations include her work with phycologist Claire Ruckert, together they research the psychophysiological responses in improvisational practice. As well as her ongoing work with Raymond MacDonald, Tia DeNora, and Robert Burke.

  • Maria is also a Founding member of the young artist collective EAST (Experimental Artists Social Theatre) for interdisciplinary experimentations. 

  • Brutalust is a duo with percussionist and composer Colin Frank

  • Mariabrice Sapphocatherin is a duo with Brice Catherin (Composer/Cellist)

  • the Noisebringers is an international improvisation series run by Maria, Brice, and Henry

  • with Kate Steenhauer an audio visual duo

  • with Raymond MacDonald called 'Theatre of Home'

Undergoing PhD at Huddersfield University under the ERC funded project IRiMaS (interactive research in music as sound) headed. Supervised by Michael Clarke, and Amanda Bayley.  'The Improvisers Cookbook' looks to refresh the logic systems and canon we use when considering experimental, free improvised histories and practices.