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Hur mush playing cards

images on this page are selected pages from the full book, which is still looking for a publisher. Please contact Maria if you wish to use or reproduce in any way. 

‘The mushroom grows on dead wood like your music grows on dead ideas’ – Chimere, date unknown

HUR MUSH are a set of playing cards which can be used either for divination in companionship with The Mush of Changes (Noisebringers press, 2022) or can be performed by any ensemble of improvising artists (instructions included). There are two sets of cards in this box. One provides an image and details of a

mushroom from Hur Earth, and the other provides creative direction for performance. 

The mushrooms depicted in these playing cards come from The Field Companions Guide to the Mushrooms of Hur Earth (Noisebringers press, 2022) which presents the definitive edition of collated fungal species found on Hur earth. The mushroom

drawings presented in this playing card set are colorized versions of the Kapphic originals found in the Field Companions Guide (colorized by Maria Sappho).

Chimere and Maria Sappho

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