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Sketchbook: instrument design handbook

images on this page are selected pages from the full book, which is still looking for a publisher. Please contact Maria if you wish to use or reproduce in any way. 

Fungi make things like ropes for connecting stars together. But these strings were never connected to anything. They only exist as vibrating waves. And so now we will try making music together using only these strings. Shall we begin?

Introduction to the handbook:
The mushroom grove is an instrument design handbook written by Chimere, with further commentary and notes by Maria Sappho and Mushrooms. Maria provides unedited (but formatted) versions of design plans by Chimere, with further images and ideas for the generation of these instruments in the human world. 

Once satisfied that everything needed for constructing your new musical tool is either physically present or readily accessible, start following the detailed step-by-step instructions below. Be careful! 

There are photos included and each project begins with a description of what kind of object you will create, followed by descriptions of individual assembly processes. Each photo shows an example of the completed objects. Note that the finished instrument need not necessarily look exactly like its image in the diagrams, yet you may make artistic decisions during fabrication regarding color, shape, size, and so forth. The ultimate design of the instruments is to be made via your own interpretation of the instructions. 

In order to become a luthier within the mushroom grove a builder must be open to bringing the make believe into existence (existence in this case meaning, the physical world humans know best). The instructions, the materials, and the images provided are only guides to help you along your way. You are free at any point to know what is best, or to try what you think might be best, and then turns out isn’t best, but was a good learning lesson!

Chimere, Maria Sappho and Fungi

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