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The Improvisers Cookbook

images on this page are selected pages from the full book, which is still looking for a publisher. Please contact Maria if you wish to use or reproduce in any way. 

This CookBook collected recipes from improvisers (anyone who might identify as such) and presents a broad range of kinds of things one might bring to the proverbial table of living. The recipes have been collected during the course of my PhD research for my thesis under the same name (2018-2022). 

Each recipe has been presented exactly how it was sent, and celebrates the incredible diversity in creative sharing of culture, knowledge and instruction. 

I am forever (it’s a long time) thankful to the love of this community of improvising artists. Those that have made me, fed me, and taught me the recipes to revolution, a good time, and music. 

Dedicated to the free improvisers, here, gone, and in the future

Maria Sappho and the Improvisers Community

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