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The Mush of Changes

images on this page are selected pages from the full book, which is still looking for a publisher. Please contact Maria if you wish to use or reproduce in any way. 

The Mush of Changes is a set of huragrams lost and then found in the field notes of Kappho’s own‘Field Companions Guide to the Mushrooms of Hur Earth’ (recently re-published Noisebringers press, 2022). Each huragram is a separate reading of a mush of knowledge which should be read via the choosing of three of the Hur Mush cards. Hur Mush cards (date of development unknown) are based on the original drawings of the Mushrooms of Hur Earth made by Kappho and found in hur field notes in the Field Companions Guide to the Mushrooms of Hur Earth. In each of Hur drawings Kappho placed the Mushroom within a triangular shape. There are 39 mushroom varieties found within the original definitive collection of the Mushrooms of Hur Earth, but Kappho only made 36 field notes. Therefore there are 4 mushrooms who are all considered to be applicable to huragram 36. The reasons for this remain unknown to date. 

Chimere, Kappho and Maria Sappho

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