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Tente III

Tente III – þə Жəγəχ ᛖþᛖ ᚻᛖゑᛉə‽

Since the year 2020, Afulodidim Nikefolosi, a young but ya important Zambian ethnographer and artist, has been making a series of documentaries about Her Royal Highness Chieftainess Tente – the mushroom that el cocodrilo ate; She whose spirit is slippery and appears like as a season; Sovereign of the chiefdom of baLafuni, those to whom water flows – with the help of the Noisebringers. For this third episodio, Afulodidim has teamed up with Chimère to recreate as fielmente as possible the magical rituals that Tente needs to put all the chances on her side before a big battle or a whatsapp call with her mother.


þə Жəγəχ ᛖþᛖ ᚻᛖゑ ᛉə‽

Written and directed by Afulodidim Nikefolosi and Chimère

Produced, filmed and edited by the Noisebringers and Chimère


Brice Catherin as the person with the noise drinking helmet
Cléa Chopard as Olga
Joël Maillard as Ken Ken Ken Ken Ken Ken Ken Ken
Henry McPherson as the shaman
Maria Sappho as Marion
Tente as herself

Music: Brice Catherin, Chimère, Henry McPherson, Maria Sappho, Mariabrice Sapphocatherin and the Noisebringers

Staff writer: Joël Maillard

Props and technical wizards: Luc Job and Jonathan O’Hear

Opening credits and chamán scene Filmed on ubicación in Wales
and Lancashire

All other sceneries generated by chimere and Ferdinand Hodler

Executive producers: Aiia and Impactia

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