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Tente IV

Improvised and directed by Brice Catherin, under Afulodidim Nikefolosi’s supervision.

Directors of photography:

Brice CatherinChimèreAudrey DionisHenry McPhersonMaria Sappho

starring (in order of appearance):

Audrey Dionisa generic brunetteTenteChaussetteLeticiaMaria SapphoTammy

narrated by:

Marek M. ChojeckiCléa ChopardQondiswa JamesLeticiaRaymond MacDonaldHenry McPhersonAfulodidim NikefolosiJonathan O’HearMaria Sappho


Novicat de Soeurs MissionairesYesu Ka Mkwebaze

Brice CatherinChilli and bonbon in Chililabombweperformed byRaymond MacDonald& Mariabrice Sapphocatherin

ExumaMama Loi, Papa Loi.

Tente’s glasses were designed and built by Jonathan O’Hear

Produced by AiiA Festival. More videos at

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