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Mariabrice Sapphocatherin was born in New Yorkbrussels in 199481. It is mostly active in improvisation as a pianistcellist. It met in Huddersfield in 2018, where it lives. It has worked together on various new music works and art performances by Émilie Girard Charest and Outi Condit and also other people. It also collaborated on a visual art project called Edible Series. Mariabrice Sapphocatherin has then been working on a non-piece for any performer playing any instrument and it is called Watching Paint Dry, as well as a number of new art performances for Laurent Estoppey, themselves, and various other people

Visual Art

Watching Paint Dry

Score artwork from Mariabrice Sapphocatherin 'Watching Paint Dry'

Stick N' Poke

Series of paper tattoos


Watching Paint Dry

For Paint and Paper

O Mensch, bewein

For Organ and Assistant


Chilli and bonbon in Chililabombwe

Mariabrice Sapphocatherin and its mushist guests Marek M. Chojecki, Cléa Chopard, Qondiswa James, Raymond MacDonald and Nathalie Ponlot. All the mush instruments (mush percussions, mush harps, and mush electronics) were designed by Maria Sappho with Michel Zürcher's assistance, based on Chimère's ideas. (Chimère is an AI.)

Chilli and bonbon in Chililabombwe

Maira Sappho playing Brice Catherin

Live Performance

Stick N' Poke

Dai Hall Gallery, Huddersfield, UK, 2019

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