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Noisebringers with Rachel Joy Weiss for the Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra

For the Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra, with love from the Noisebringers (2021).

This is a not so oratorio, oratorio of personal things. It comes with a time score (see next page) which consists of material to be played, as well as directions as to who will play (the orchestration).

There will be some players in physical form and some players digital on zoom. If you are on Zoom you will see the physical players via web- cameras in the space. If you are in the room you will have TV’s to see the Zoom window. There will be a stopwatch in the zoom call, which will sync all players for the score. Please feel free to get up and perform to the zoom cameras if you are in the physical space.

The materials and the orchestration change at different times in the score. If you identify with the current orchestration part in the timeline, then play the material indicated at that moment. Stop playing when you no longer identify with the orchestration. You do not have to play continuously in a section you identify with.

How and why you identify is your own decision, for example ‘mothers’ is not a rule bound societally normative role. As Brice Catherin would say, ‘follow your heart’.

At two points in the score you no longer have materials or orchestration, but the instruction ‘follow the zoom screen’. Please do just this. At this point you will be taken on inter-dimensional travel via the international magic of Rachel Joy Weiss. In these sections feel free to respond to what you see and hear freely. But remember to give space, as the inter-dimensional beings will be attempting to reach us at this time (and the speakers they use for communication are not very loud…). Due to the chance of possible turbulence the seatbelt fastened sign will remain on during the duration of this section.

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