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the mushroom opera

Zorya production

The Mushroom Opera is a collection of texts, thoughts, and wonderings on the subject of the mushrooms of our world. The opera can be considered on many levels, it represents a new form of theatre which bases its inspiration not off human achievements but the greatness of nature. It shares modern science, political, and philosophical thinkings on a related theme. It is an opera of play and fun, while also reminding us of our planet, its fragility, and most importantly the interconnectedness of all our evolutionary paths and futures.


I. The Primordial

Soup Taking us back to the dawn of time, science has envisioned the origins of mushrooms and our evolution as living species on this planet we call home.


II. Mushroom Religion

All quotes taken or modified from John M. Allegro book 'The Sacred Mushroom and the Cross'. Allegro presents a new theory for the birth of the major religions, through the lens of fertility cults, origins of language, and mushroom worship.


III. Terence McKenna talks with mushrooms

Selections from Terence McKenna quotes on his thoughts and conversations with mushrooms as higher beings.


IV. John Cage and the mushroom competition

In 1959 John Cage wins a competition with his extensive knowledge about mushrooms in Milan


V. Mushrooms against capitalism 

All texts are quotes from Anna Tsing's book 'The Mushroom at the End of the World"

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