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Dance, voice, piano, and community

Rebecca Gibson- Visual Art

Maria Donohue- Piano

Ana Norrie- Dance

Claire Ruckert- Reader

Supported by the Equality and Diversity Fund


Premiered at Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, April 2018


Workshop- Scottish Music Centre, SWIM (Scottish Women Inventing Music) May 2018


Re-performed Bridge Week Festival, Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, June, 2018


Installation video- WOMEN IV ed. GERDA TARO – Arte, WAR AND REBELLION, MOA – Museum of Operation Avalanche in Eboli- 18thto 31stMaggio 2019


What are our stories? Are some occurrences that happen so commonly we forget they are stories? What do we share in common? What do we disagree on? What makes us unique? What unites us? "Women" shares anonymously submitted stories from women around the world, highlighting grey areas in our everyday treatment, upgrading, and history. Performed through the medium of music, dance, and visual art, these stories are told. The reading of these stories, all strangers to each other, felt side by side, in a celebration of the diversity in feminine experience.


“Women” is the result of the collaboration between pianist Maria Sappho, visual artist Rebecca Gibson, and dancer Ana Norrie. The piece explored new ways to share the feminine story with an audience. The work was audience response generated, sharing’s given both from an anonymous survey and from written responses from live audiences members before entering the performance space. The questions asked were for everyday stories, with focus on the grey areas of a women’s experience in our modern world. What is not punishable by the law sometimes, but still holds prominence in our lives. Ultimately the message is of positivity, these shared experiences create feelings of unity, love, resilience, and laughter. We are humbled as artists by the openness and willingness of those who shared their stories, allowing us to embody their voices in performance. The work itself looked to experiment with a new medium for political art, work that does not come from the performers perspective, but from the world which we are trying to creatively reflect. Through the openness of audience generated material, we share the multifaceted, sometimes conflicting, sometimes tightly aligned views, opinions, and lives of real people in our modern society.

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