Colin Frank and Maria Sappho

Colin Frank (CAN) and Maria Sappho (USA) are Brutalust, an ensemble looking to combine their collective backgrounds in seeking the fundamentals of expression, communication, and stimulus. At the core of this work is the commitment to expanding audience demographics through widening access. We believe that intermedia and mixed-discipline art can expand the opportunities for artistic futures, by fostering new dialogues and forging pathways for community engagement. Unhappy with the standard that has settled over often segregated artistic presentations, we are interested in questioning where we draw the separations between live performance, art, and audience. Maria Sappho brings a background in piano, theatre, dance, and visual arts, working predominately as an improviser interested in uncovering the source for communication between artistic practices. Colin Frank is interested in touch, audience as performers, and sonic possibilities of found objects. His work stems from percussion performance and electronic composition. Both are current PhD candidates at the University of Huddersfield.